ADD-700 and ADDQD-76

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The ADD-700IP headset boasts a sophisticated design with broad appeal, offering the best sound bandwidth in the ADDCOM range. The headset also includes USB connection applications, offering the extra bandwidth can be appreciated.

The ADD-700IP wideband noise cancelling headset is tough, stylish and at home in intense call centre environments as well as inside some of the most sophisticated offices.

The ADD-700 Series has been designed to be lightweight which ensures low operator fatigue, allowing the headset to be worn all day, every day. Sound quality is clear and crisp with a hint of base; all generated from its wideband properties.

The use of the ADD-QD75 USB cable allows both phone and PC connection, making the ADD-700 series suitable for versatile workstation usage.


  • Geni Cord – ADD-QD14
  • Curly Cordv various
  • USB cable with DSP – ADD-QD75
  • ADD-QD76 USB to QD cabl – e ADD-QD76
  • Large ear foam – ADD-1012
  • Large leatherette ear cushion – ADD-1013
  • Microphone foam cover – ADD-1003
  • Clothing clip – ADD-1008
  • Supervisor Cord – ADD-1014
  • Inline mute switch – ADD-1015

  • ADDCOM Multimedia Amplifer – ADD-990
  • ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch – ADD-818
  • ADDCOM Dialler – ADD-T11

  • Stylish yet practical design
  • Adjustable noise cancelling microphone
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Self-aligning, floating earpiece
  • Wideband speaker
  • Acoustic shock limiting diode
  • Clickstop adjustable headband
  • Durable Quick Disconnect
  • Adjustable clothing clip
  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • Designed to be worn all day

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