The unexpected benefits of wireless telephone headsets

The unexpected benefits of wireless telephone headsets

Before we begin, let me ask you these two simple questions:

Q: Are you constantly on the move around the office?
Q: Do you write a lot of notes or often multi-task while on the phone?

A: If you answered yes to any of these questions then you may benefit from wearing a wireless telephone or desk phone headset in your office or work environment.

Why go wireless?
  1. Increased mobility

A wireless headset for your desk phone provides the mobility and freedom to roam – pair it with a device such as an EHS or a phone lifter (both used to automatically pick up calls while you are wearing the wireless headset) for a complete wireless solution. If you work in sales or administration and you receive and make a high volume of calls each day, this will be particularly beneficial. A simple to use, entry-level headset such as the ADDCOM ADD-665 would work well in this situation.

If you are using a softphone via your laptop to take calls, a wireless headset will enable you to remain productive from home or out of the office as well. The ADDCOM ADD-685 is a great solution allows users to connect to multiple devices including tablets, smart phones and of course your laptop to allow softphone connectivity.

  1. Less physical strain

In addition to achieving productivity gains, there are health and safety benefits to using a wireless (and even a wired) headset.  We all know the frustrations of holding a phone to our ear for an extended period of time or cradling the phone between the ear and shoulder. These positions can lead to neck cramps which can lead to reduced efficiency and motivation. A wireless headset for your desk phone combats these issues by allowing users to stay on calls for a longer period of time.

  1. Great product features

Wireless headsets for your desk phone offer a range of functions to improve the user experience including call control on the headset (picking up and ending the phone call with a simple touch of a button), noise-cancelling technology which improves audio quality as well as Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to connect multiple devises. With the ADDCOM ADD-695, you can use one headset to effortlessly manage calls on your desk phone, PC soft phone and smartphone. Switch communications between smartphone programs like FaceTime** and PC programs like Skype for Business and Google Voice, and handset devices including Cisco, Avaya and Alcatel without difficulty*.
*EHS Cord required for some applications **Bluetooth functionality does not work with your mobile phone or tablet when you are out of the office

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