Your business’s video conference meetings deserve better. Here are five reasons why.

Video conferencing platforms such as the popular Skype platform, have in the past been used by companies to conference with remote employees and clients usually due to factors like their apparent easy set up and lost cost. In fact for some businesses, these two features are still seen as viable reasons to continue using such solutions.

With advances in video conferencing technologies however, many enterprises are now demanding greater levels of audio and video quality and options to scale to meet the demands of a growing and geographically dispersed employee and client base. Connection speed, reliability and security are also important factors that companies look at when deciding on what video conferencing platform to choose.

So why should you choose a more advanced, feature-rich video conferencing solution? Is it really worth the extra cost outlay? Here are five reasons why we think you should consider an enterprise-grade solution.

1. Video quality

Many of us are familiar with struggles of a poor call connection during an important conference meeting – no one enjoys a meeting where the video is blurry, buffers or pauses mid-video or where the audio echoes. The professionalism of your business meeting suffers.

A humourous reminder of what this could potentially look like can be found by clicking here.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Video quality these days is not only impressive but also reliable when using a dedicated video network such as the one offered by ADDCOM’s Cloud conferencing.

2. Conference security

We all agree internet security is paramount especially if you are sharing sensitive information during video conferencing meetings. As such, using conferencing platforms that depend on public internet networks is inadequate. With cloud-based video conferencing, users are offered full encryption for calls made and the media shared. Security is ensured through the use of unique meeting pin codes and an entire support team dedicated to providing users secure connections.

3. User management control

As consumer video platforms aren’t designed to answer all your video conferencing needs, managing multiple users isn’t always easy. There are a number of features that are not offered on these platforms which mean users are missing out on experiencing a high-quality, engaging video meeting.

In comparison, ADDCOM’s video conferencing as a solution (VaaS) offering has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of video conferencing for businesses. That means we look at factors such connection speed, security, audio and video quality, and a whole host of other add-ons designed to make the user experience one that is memorable and efficient.

Features like single sign-on (SSO) make it easier to safely add and remove users with their enterprise login credentials, while admin-controlled passwords mean you can keep everybody logged on when they need to be. Users can also keep track of calls easily too through the centralized call history feature, which allows users to track usage, trends, technical performance, and store personal data.

4. Using multiple devices and services

With the rise of live streaming and recording, and with smartphone technology improving every year, we’re expecting increased integration between our smartphone and other devices.

This is certainly true when it comes to video meetings – missing a meeting because we’re out of the office and your device can’t integrate with the video platform doesn’t have to be an issue. This is may be an issue with some consumer video platforms which may not allow you to call people using other consumer video platforms.

With ADDCOM’s cloud conferencing solution, users are able to cope with any combination of people and devices, which means they can collaborate anytime, anywhere. ADDCOM Live, powered by Videxio, enables any virtual meeting room registered on our cloud service with live streaming and recording functionality.

5. Call set up

Our dedicated cloud conferencing platform has been specifically designed with the user in mind. With a focus on user management, our centralised video system allows the whole company to join video meetings without any extra resources or infrastructure. Guests don’t need to download any extra software – they can just join a meeting with just the click of a link.

Empower your workforce with real-time, face-to-face communication with anybody, anywhere, anytime. Enterprise organisations often rely on complex communication infrastructure and workflows into which new tools have to fit. ADDCOM’s cloud video solutions, powered by Videxio integrate seamlessly into your existing ecosystems, simplifying implementation and protecting your investments.


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