Why Yealink VC200 ?

Global leading unified communication solution provider – Yealink announces the release of the VC200.  Developing their products for the ever increasing business requirements – for small and medium huddle room solutions – is the strategy behind this release. The VC 200, boasts a ultra HD 4K digital camera and 103° angle lens alongside 6 built-in beamforming microphones.

The VC200 differentiates itself from its predecessor  – the VC110, as the VC200 product offering has expanded to meet new sought after requirements such as wireless content sharing capabilities in addition to Bluetooth and WiFi connections and most importantly the adoption of built in microphones. These benefits allow users to capitalise on Yealink premium sound and video quality with a new ease of use and enhanced connectivity not seen by previous medium huddle room models. ADDCOM notes the use of wireless microphones as an integral factor in the expected rapid adoption of this product in the market place upon release. The lack of wired microphones results in less clutter in the meeting room/office space; in addition the VC can be moved around and packed away easily. This reflects the growing business requirement for both speed and mobility in their tech products.

The VC200 comprises  a seamless digital 4x lossless zoom 4k digital camera including  built-in 16G storage for recording applications plus 1x HDMI-out and Line-out. In addition the VC200 is compatible with the newly Skype for Business Certified CP960.

The VC200 positioning is similar to that of the Polycom  Trio Collaboration  Kit 8500 however the VC200 presents value via a high quality camera, premium Hardan Kardon sound technology, alongside a competitive RRP.  The release of the VC200 demonstrates Yealink’s  growing understanding of their customers’ needs – meeting demands for product ease of use and ease of deployment. Yealink highlight the VC200’s ease of install and distribution in addition to the lack of confusing cabling to the market.

Yealink Product Director Alvin Liao notes “In the past 10 years [Yealink] have been striving to perfect audio and video, seek breakthroughs, and provide a better remote-communication experience for users” – the launch of the VC200 is strongly aligned with this product development process.  The VC200 is just one of the many innovative product developments currently being deployed in the market. The CP960 SFB release and a shift in Yealink’s process towards SFB certification among upcoming products can be seen as a step towards enhanced ‘remote-communication experiences’ (Product Director Alvin Liao) and leaps forward in medium huddle room VC expectations.

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