ADDCOM – a specialist distributor of Konftel

What are ADDCOM’s expertise and specialist offerings?

ADDCOM is a specialist distributor of Konftel audio conferencing. ADDCOM’s capability to achieve a specialist offering is supported by over eight years of experience and expertise selling Konftel in the market.
ADDCOM has a strong relationship with Konftel holding regular product trainings to ensure ADDCOM staff are at the forefront of knowledge and able to impart this knowledge to their partners. Proficient sales staff in turn has translated into a competitive advantage for both ADDCOM and its partners. ADDCOM has become known to sell Konftel in a solutions focused manner, which has delivered customer value.
Expertise has cultivated trust of the vendor, partner and end user as they are assured that ADDCOM will sell based on requirement/need rather than imposing sales. Understanding the customer environment before suggesting the product is integral to ADDCOM when distributing Konftel.
ADDCOM further supports the vendor and customer via its specialist technical and engineering support team – who assist with product use and troubleshooting enquiries– alongside a dedicated service team to handle customer queries and warranties. The introduction of ADDCOM’s Konftel Elite program has been possible due to a dedicated service and technical team allowing those within the program to reap advantages such as extended warranties.


What programs has ADDCOM provided to deliver value to partners?

ADDCOM has offered programs focused on both sales and service value. ADDCOM’s premium partner loyalty program allows customers to receive credits on purchases based on their spending each month, which can be used as a credit/discount towards their purchase the following month. This program is focused on sales – rewarding its partners for their purchases.
ADDCOM’s flexible and rewarding demo loan programs allow customers to trial and evaluate new products on the market. As a specialist distributor, ADDCOM is always researching new products and allowing customers to experience exciting new products once released. Furthermore, ADDCOM’s loan program and trust in the quality of their products allows customers to try the product easily at no cost or risk. This is all part of ADDCOM’s values to ensure high quality service is experienced. The loan program allows us to supports our partners to enhance their sales via trial, adoption and to compare competitive products.
The ADDCOM Amortiser program offers a service value as we provide 10% additional stock to an order to keep on hand. This allows for stock rotation and swift replacement– this means reduced down time for faulty stock or stock requiring replacement. Enhanced partner service is just another way ADDCOM delivers service value.


How has ADDCOM provided specialist value to partners and/or vendors?

Valuable partner programs, sales and expertise have allowed ADDCOM to increase sales of Konftel year on year between 2013- 2018. The more experience ADDCOM has gained over time – the stronger it’s technical team has become. ADDCOM is able to provide valuable technical and product information to its customers. In addition, ADDCOM’s promotional tools and marketing capabilities have expanded over the years – this has delivered considerable value to our partners in the sale of Konftel. The value ADDCOM transfers to its partners and customers goes beyond the sale of the product as support and reward programs allow our partners to maximize benefits. As ADDCOM are the specialist distributor – we are not only able to quote based on solution, sell the products required and deliver them swiftly but also able to provide the service and support tools assisting in the sale of Konftel.
As our experience and sales have grown ADDCOM has become known as a Konftel house. Partners recognize the expertise ADDCOM have in audio conferencing – as such ADDCOM’s transferable intangible asset is our recognition as a brand name and trust in the market.

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