Shifting consumer demand for after-market service and support in communication technology

A  shift in consumer demand for after-market service and support for Audio and Video Conferencing and Telephone / Unified Communication Headsets

Businesses have shifted over the recent years from a Capital Expenditure (Capex) to an Operational Expenditure (Opex) model as seen in various industries who are moving to a subscription model, managed hardware and as-a-service offerings.

The increased focus on service when selecting a supplier comes from how easy it is to source products, get help for the right product selection, through to warranty and post sales warranty procedures.

Ensuring a no-headache easy to use telephone headset at a financially feasible price point is particularly sought after for contemporary office demands however after-market service and on-going support has been a sour point – as  headset down time and additional staff time spent getting issues resolved without adequate support – results in increased productivity costs to businesses.

With a managed headset offering through the ADDCOM Amortiser program, businesses can now enjoy on-going support. Vendors with years of experience and off site expertise can provide the technical support, maintenance service and headset management scalable to business’ needs. Headsets and associated software and hardware capabilities have developed over time and hence the care and management must also adapt to these needs and change with time.

To ensure new products are used correctly (pairing / installation / troubleshooting) it is important for businesses to have dedicated help. With a 24/7 portal, businesses can now manage their headset assets online and lodge help support tickets. This allows for a truly seamless headset management for all mobile and around the clock work environments.

Similarly, a managed audio and video conferencing Amortiser program can be developed to allow businesses to become truly mobile without taking up major capital expenditure -whilst simultaneously allowing business productivity and travel costs to be minimised.

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