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Founded in 1999, ADDCOM is an international manufacturer of high quality headsets and telecommunication equipment. ADDCOM manufactures its own range of wired, wireless, Bluetooth and Skype for Business compatible headsets which have been designed and engineered in Australia.

ADDCOM also offers customers a wide range of solutions for office and call center environments. ADDCOM’s product range includes headsets, amplifiers, smart voice and data recording technology, audio conferencing solutions, video conferencing solutions, cloud conferencing solutions as well as IP and analogue business phones.

ADDCOM has an office in Seoul, Korea and offices across Australia, with the Head Office located in Sydney.

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ADDCOM is committed to continuous quality improvement across all areas of the business — from its products and processes, to its systems and staff. The company has a very high level of quality control, and has custom-designed testing equipment to individually test and rate each product as it comes off the production line.

After Sales Service

ADDCOM has a dedicated service centre staffed by experienced technicians. The process is streamlined to ensure easy, online tracking of progress and responses. ADDCOM also provides complete archives and history of customers’ requests.

Company Values

ADDCOM is a company built on a strong foundation of values. Remaining customer focused, maintaining the highest standards of quality, building a brand that customers can trust, and valuing staff are inherent in all that ADDCOM does.

Global Recognition

ADDCOM has established a strong global presence and brand recognition, through the distribution of ADDCOM products via an established and expanding network of international distributors.

Why ADDCOM Products

ADDCOM manufactures a wide range of products including headsets, amplifiers, business phones and conference phones. The suite of products is constantly evolving as market and customer needs change. ADDCOM has a well-earned reputation for reliability delivering the very best in business communications solutions.

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