Mobile Remediation

ADDCOM's End to End Mobile Coverage Solution

ADDCOM's service team combined with Cel-Fi by Nextivity provide a comprehensive end to end solution in order to improve mobile coverage in your office, building or site, increase internet speeds and call quality and remain compliant with the only widely accepted mobile booster recognised by Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

Boosting Mobile Signal with ADDCOM

In the rapidly growing mobile signal remediation industry, it is more important than ever to get the right solution. ADDCOM has partnered with industry leaders to develop a comprehensive solution for corporate clients across a wide range of industries. The requirements for strong mobile data coverage have never been more essential or complex, therefore ADDCOM and partners are committed to using the latest in technology and expertise to provide robust, functional and targeted solutions with solid capabilities and a strong ROI. For over twenty years ADDCOM has worked with industry leaders and with some of Australia’s largest businesses ranging from corporate, government and retail to essential services, construction and residential.


Boosting Mobile Signal with ADDCOM

Clients will see the total transformation of their site from red and orange to yellow and green with our post-installation survey. We are committed to remediating the mobile signal of every site we serve, as a consequence, we conduct a post-site survey. ABTC Group conducts a post-site survey to highlight the improvements after the remediation process. ABTC Group will submit the closure report which includes the as-built, reading, and heat-map comparisons (before and after) which will illustrate the improvements on the mobile coverage.


Remote Monitoring


The ADDCOM Wave remote monitoring tool enables an organisation to track the performance of their Cel-Fi repeaters from anywhere. The tool provides comprehensive data on every Cel-Fi repeater such as; live signal readings, graphed previous signal readings for a range of periods (5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day. 1 week, and 1 month), location data and alerts when the repeater is offline or producing a weak signal. By collecting data from these points, ADDCOM is able to quickly notify users of any issues arising within their network of repeaters via email.

Device Status

The device status page provides the user with live and historical data, device status, location status and an overview on any issues currently being experienced.

The ADDCOM Wave remote monitoring tool is a combination of web software and modern hardware to create a cohesive and inexpensive solution for Cel-Fi users and integrator. This allows users and integrators to maintain the products with minimal man power, repair issues more quickly with immediate alerts and control the quality of their work across multiple sites. ADDCOM remote monitoring (ARM) collects data from every repeater.

The home screen provides an overview of the network of repeaters within an organisation. Alarms triggered will appear here and a direct link to the specific repeater is provided within the table.

Home Screen

The ARM offers a search feature allowing users to quickly discover specific repeaters based on a set of parameters including the location, carrier and repeater model. The search page reveals a quick snapshot of all the repeaters that fit the parameters and provide an ID link for the user to gain insight into the specific repeater. For too long monitoring devices has required significant capital and human outlay, our remote monitoring tool aims to alleviate a significant portion of the maintenance expense of the Cel-Fi products


The search menu provides a quick snapshot of every repeater within a given set of parameters. Quickly sift through every device to find the relevant device.

The ARM has a wide range of administrator settings allowing the user to configure where and why email notifications will be sent to certain individuals detailing issues with the repeaters. In addition, the admin and configuration panels offer the user the ability to add new users, add new repeaters, configure the graphs on the device view page, and determine the thresholds in which alarms are triggered for different repeaters.

The administrator and configuration panels provide the user with the ability to change, update and configure the platform depending on the user permissions.

Administrator Panel

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