Multimedia Incident Reconstruction

The Best Way to Manage and Share 911 Call Recordings & Entire Incidents

NICE Inform Organizer is a unique incident management application for information assembly, debriefing and distribution. This powerful module within the NICE Inform 911 call recording system guards security and integrity of all incident data and helps every user to be more effective.

Local or remote users can swiftly add NICE 911 call recordings and upload external audio and video files and content to this central repository of incident records via an intuitive web accessible interface. Burning and carrying CDs and DVDs or emailing .wav files around in order to collaborate or share evidence with District Attorneys or investigators is no longer the only option. With NICE Inform Organizer, online access to 911 call recordings and related incident information is quickly becoming the new standard.

All Records in One Place
Assemble and organize any number of records into folders created for each incident. Include recordings captured by NICE 911 call recording system such as audio, SMS text messages and screen files, geographic information (GIS) and notes. Add documents, photos, video clips, audio, and virtually any other 3rd party content, including accident or crime scene evidence from citizen mobile phones.

Organized for Fast Access

Associate most important reference information to incident folders such as CAD Incident ID or court case number for fast search and access to the entire collection of incident information. Create additional database fields for incident folders such as Investigator Name or CAD ID to enhance categorization and precision searches. Easily copy information from one incident folder into another.

Synchronized Playback
All records regardless of their source are visualized on a timeline and played via built-in media player in synchronized sequence as they occurred. Assign time stamp to imported content to relate it to other evidence in the same incident.

Export for Distribution
Export entire incident folders as encrypted, password-protected executable files with self-contained media player. Include certification audio to authenticate and introduce contents of the folder. Redact one or multiple sensitive segments within audio recordings prior to export, while preserving the integrity of originals. Recipients visualize and play the contents of exported stand-alone file in the same synchronized manner as in the Organizer interface, along with any notations. If you wish to burn the records onto CD or DVD media, the burning software is built-in for your convenience.

Intra-Agency Collaboration 
Easily export your incident folders for use by another agency or import their incident information into your incident folders. The power of intelligent collaboration makes faster and more accurate analysis of cross-jurisdictional incidents possible.

Uncompromising Security
Authentication mechanism ensures the integrity of each file or record. NICE Organizer stores incident files separately from data and files captured by the recording system. Detectives and other authorized users may annotate and organize information in incident folders without impacting the integrity of original recordings.

Access to incident information is managed by security roles on a per-user basis, for local and remote users. Security roles assigned to users may limit access to Organizer only, without access to any other elements of NICE Inform. User access may be limited to one incident folder only. Actions performed by each user are tracked in an audit log, along with the user ID, date, time, and type of action.

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