Featuring a Noise Cancelling mic design, the uggested use for our ADD-200 Series is in office environments. This light weight, multi wearing style headset is suitable for noisy environments.


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The Quantum Pro Noise Cancelling headset is sleek, stylish and right at home in the most sophisticated of offices. Better still, it’s as hardworking as it is good looking with a range of
state-of-the-art features and a reputation for durability.

The simple push-button ADDLOCK makes changingfrom headband to earhook* a convenient one-handed operation. A 270° adjustable microphone boom allows for easy flipping from ear to ear while its super flexible rubber design ensures a perfect fit.

All-day comfort is further complemented by the headset’s exceptional lightness and a self-aligning, floating earpiece that sits easily on the ear without pressing against the user’s head. Sound quality is crisp, clear and natural thanks to the use of a broader bandwidth for the speaker combined with an innovative speaker cabinet.

While a bidirectional microphone provides an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio to acoustically transduce the user’s voice.
* Ear Hook sold separately


  • Curly Cord – various
  • USB cable with DSP-ADDQD-05
  • Ear foam – ADD-1001
  • Leatherette – ADD-1002
  • Ear Hook stabilising foam – ADD-1005
  • Replacement Headband – ADD-1006
  • Optional Ear Hook – ADD-1007
  • Supervisor Cord – ADD-1014
  • Inline Mute Switch – ADD-1015

  • ADDCOM Multimedia Amplifer – ADD-990
  • ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch – ADD-818


  • Stylish yet practical design
  • Adjustable noise cancelling microphone
  • Flexible microphone boom
  • Self-aligning, floating earpiece
  • Hi-fidelity speaker
  • Acoustic shock limiting diode
  • ADDLOCK push-button conversion gives call centre agents a convenient choice of either
    • over the head or over the ear useage
    • (Optional Ear Hook sold separately)
  • The lightweight ear hook’s stabilising bar keeps it at a constant distance from the ear thereby eliminating pressure and ensuring greater comfort
  • Clickstop adjustable headband
  • Durable Quick Disconnect
  • Adjustable clothing clip
  • 2-year replacement warranty

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