Experience the flexibility!
Designed and engineered in Australia, the ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch:

  • A. offers greater flexibility and control of your headset and handset,
  • B. has a recording option,
  • C. has training functions and
  • D. is compatible with most telephone systems

The ADDCOM Multi Purpose Switch has it all.


  • ADDCOM Headsets
  • Most telephones

  • Headset/Handset switch for telephones without a dedicated headset socket
  • Mute switch
  • Recording socket allowing the user to attach recording media
  • Connect 2 headsets
  • 3 training modes:
    • A. Mute trainer only
    • B. Mute agent only
    • C. Mute both trainer and agent
  • Simplified two position polarity switch which automatically detects positive or negative polarity, allowing your headset to connect to many different types of telephones
  • 2-year replacement warranty

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