ADD-T11 – CLI Dialler


The ADDCOM Dialler is a complete call centre solution with no more extra cords or connectors. See who’s calling with a ringing LED, CLI and 12 digit display. Connect 2 headsets to the ADDCOM Dialler, removing the need for a supervisor cord whilst offering the easy-to-use training feature in three different modes:

  • Mute trainer only
  • Mute agent only
  • Mute both trainer and agent

Take control of the call with easy to use volume controls and mute LED.


FSK/DTMF caller ID compatible

  • 12-digit LCD display
  • LCD contrast 8 level adjustable
  • 30 incoming numbers memories
  • Connect 2 headsets
  • 3 training modes:
  1. Mute trainer only
  2. Mute agent only
  3. Mute both trainer and agent
  • Redial function
  • 4 levels of conversation volume for adjustment
  • Headset transmitting volume can be adjusted
  • Flash time 100ms/300ms/600ms adjustable
  • Ringing volume HI/LO for selection
  • Auto-answering the incoming call option
  • Ring LED indicator
  • Mute LED indicator
  • 2 year replacement warranty

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