Performance Series 3

  • 5 Years Warranty.
  • Easy Plug and Play as all cords are included.
  • Easy Access to Local\ Australia based support.
  • Deal Directly with the manufacturer.
  • Amortiser available.
  • Exclusive Dealer Portal.
  • Marketing Support.
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The ADDCOM Performance series 3 is stylish yet robust headsets which provide high-quality conversation and the ultimate listening experience. The ADD-55 is the binaural model of the series and comes complete with a number of highly useful features so that users may make the most of their phone calls.

The ADDCOM Performance series 3 is built with an extremely stylish, yet durable design. The headsets come with high-quality leatherette earpads which ensure all-day comfort, but the headsets are also sonically welded, which ensures maximum robustness at stress points. The headsets also come with high-quality noise-canceling technology, which ensures clear voice conversations in even the loudest of office environments. The ADDCOM Performance series 3 provides  Advanced Acoustic Shock Protection for ultimate sound safety against unwanted, unexpected loud noises, as well as a flexible T-bar foam design which aims to reduce user fatigue.

The headsets come with wideband audio, which allows users to make the most of their phone calls. The ADDCOM Performance series 3 also provides a smooth 270° boom arm rotation, so that the microphone may be worn on either ear by the user. In addition, the headsets also have a flexible 120° curved boom arm for optimal microphone positioning.

The ADDCOM Performance series 3 come with Universal Quick Disconnect and allows users to manage calls on the Desk phone, Softphone (PC) and Smartphone. Users may also connect the headset to a range of programs including Facetime, Skype for Business, Google Voice and many more.

The headsets also come with a 5-year warranty.

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• Monaural and Binaural models available
• Superior high definition wideband sound quality
• High-quality, soft leatherette earpads providing lasting comfort for all-day use
• Sonically welded construction to ensure maximum robustness at stress points
• Noise-canceling microphone for more accurate and clear speech
• Smooth 270° boom arm rotation for left or right ears
• Flexible 120° curved boom arm for optimal microphone positioning
• Click-stop adjustable headband for accurate fit
• Exceptional listening clarity and voice articulation
• Lightweight and durable design
• Acoustic Shock protection
• Robust Quick Disconnect
• Adjustable clothing clip
• 5-year warranty

  • Geni Cord
  • 2.5mm Cord
  • 3.5mm Cord


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