Real-time Decision Support

Live Call Monitoring and Instant Replay Made Easy

When speed of access to recent or live calls is important, no other software solution is as reliable as NICE Inform Monitor and NICE Inform Verify. With these live call monitoring and instant replay software applications, public safety call takers, dispatchers and their supervisors can instantly playback the most recent or live calls or radio transmissions with the click of a mouse. Users can rewind and fast-forward to listen to any portion of the call, even while the actual call is still underway.

NICE Inform Monitor: Live monitor audio from your telephone or radio channels. Benefit from live call monitoring on single or multiple recording channels. Simply select the channels you want to live monitor from a channel map or table of resources that shows the status of each channel.

NICE Inform Verify: Instantly replay the most recent recordings over a pre-defined search period, for up to twenty resources connected to your position. Call check playback volume and speed controls assist with understanding what was actually said in conversations with poor transmission quality. You can also save calls and add annotations, including bookmarks or comments tagged to a particular point on a timeline of the recording.

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