Wave Analytics

Ease of Use

Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, Wave Analytics is quick and easy to install. A wide range of built-in standard reports provide users with answers to common contact centre questions.

Wave Analytics can be installed as part of a complete ADDCOM Wave deployment or as an overlay with other leading interaction recording brands including ASC, CyberTech, NICE and Verintas well as many of the lesser known systems.

The Very Best in Technology


Wave Analytics combines the world’s best transcription technology with a powerful toolset and proven analytical methods enabling contact centres to handle high volumes of data with ease. The transcription engine, developed by Speechmatics in partnership with the University of Cambridge, uses deep neural networks to achieve an average accuracy of 85% on recordings. It has been independently benchmarked and consistently outperforms other leading systems.

Powerful toolset

As well as offering a comprehensive range of standard reports, more advanced users can use the built in tools to analyse multi-channel data in greater depth using a full range of machine learning and statistical techniques. Wave Analytics also links to third party analytics tools enabling users to gain even deeper insights to enhance performance and productivity.

@Contact Information


A: “details confirmed”

}[score = 10.00];



A: “greeting completed”

}[score = 5.00];



A: “headset”

} [score: 10.00];


A: “conference phone”

} [score: 5.00];

Score: 85 / 100


  • “confirm phone number”
  • “estimated time”


The ADDCOM Wave team is always here to help. With unrivalled knowledge and understanding of analytics, we know how to make it work effectively and efficiently in any contact centre environment.

Despite what some vendors claim, deploying analytics is not always a trouble-free process. Addcom Wave has the expertise to help eliminate most installation and configuration issues. We provide high levels of local support for every installation including integration with existing systems, making the import of recordings a quick and easy process.

ADDCOM Wave also supports the use of third party analytics tools.