Wave Recording

With estimates showing around 12.4 billion telephone calls taking place each day, it has never been more important for organisations to keep records of all such interactions with customers. Installing an efficient recording solution will ensure the delivery of the best possible customer service as well as providing a layer of protection to rapidly resolve any possible dispute as to who said what during a call.

ADDCOM Wave Recording provides reliable and resilient recording for small and medium sized organisations with up to 60 concurrent channels.

As well as being PCI-DSS compliant, ADDCOM Wave Recording provides many of the advanced features of ADDCOM Wave’s enterprise products but at a cost-effective price.

Organisations operating contact centers with up to 30 agents can also specify Smart Interactions Express to enhance quality management.

Intuitive Interface

Simple and intuitive interface minimizes training requirements 

Simple Deployment

Quick and easy deployment reduces installation and support costs


Future-proofed to work with all current and future telephone systems


Seamless upgrade to Wave Assure enterprise recording protects investment

Features of ADDCOM Wave Recording

Intuitive and Responsive Interface

Easy to use graphical interface allows recordings to be rapidly located and replayed.

Export Recordings

Recordings can be exported and emailed for review, training and backup purposes.

Quality Management Add-On

Smart Interactions Express is available as an add-on for contact centres wanting quality management functionality.

Flexible Security

Individual profiles allow users to access just their own calls or specific extensions.

Multiple User Profiles

Security can be controlled by customising and assigning profiles to users.

Full Audit Trail

Details recordings that are being accessed, replayed or exported by users.

Flexible Search Criteria

Stored recordings can be quickly located using different search criteria including telephone number, extension, user and date/time.

Add Notes and Tags to Recordings

Add notes and tags to recordings to speed up the search and retrieval process.

PCI DSS Compliant

A range of PCI DSS compliance options for companies taking card payments on the telephone.

Benefits of ADDCOM Wave Recording

Provides Reliable Evidence of Transactions

ADDCOM Wave Recording provides accurate and reliable access to recorded transactions when you need it for operational and audit purposes.

Enhances Dispute Resolution

ADDCOM Wave Recording provides increased protection for organisations and employees with rapid search and replay of customer interactions to set the record straight and reduce legal fees.

Works With Any Telephone System

ADDCOM Wave Recording can be used with all current and future telephone systems, ensuring that interactions are always reliably captured and stored.

Ensures Compliance

ADDCOM Wave Recording enables organisations to protect sensitive customer information such as credit card details and comply with current and future PCI-DSS standards.