Wave Assure

ADDCOM Wave Assure is a modular interaction recording solution with a comprehensive feature set that meets the requirements of the largest and most complex organisations. It provides resilient and reliable recording for single or multiple locations with web browser-based call retrieval, replay and management.

Intuitive and easy to use, Wave Assure is highly salable and can expand to accommodate any number of handsets and lines with no limit on recording capacity.

Easy to install in any environment, Wave Assure supports all commonly used telephone systems. It also seamlessly integrates with CRM, EDRM and ERP applications to optimise customer interactions.

ADDCOM Wave Assure also provides contact centers with comprehensive quality management, reporting and agent training functionality as part of the Smart Interactions application suite as well as supporting users of different languages and time-zones.

ADDCOM Wave Assure Features

Ease of Use

Available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution, Wave Analytics is quick and easy to install. A wide range of built-in standard reports provide users with answers to common contact centre questions.

Wave Analytics can be installed as part of a complete ADDCOM Wave deployment or as an overlay with other leading interaction recording brands including ASC, CyberTech, NICE and Verintas well as many of the lesser known systems.

Unlimited Scalability

With a modular design, SQL-based database technology and support for SAN-based storage, there is no limit to the number of recordings that can be stored in the system to eliminate the need for archiving.

Supports Most Telephone Systems

Wave Assure supports the recording of ISDN, SIP, analogue, DASS2, CAS, DPNSS and MFR2 trunks. It also supports digital, IP, DECT and analogue handsets from all the major vendors as well as many of the lesser known brands.

Options for Full Redundancy

N+1, passive and active redundancy options can be provided for organisations needing maximum availability.

Options for Full Redundancy

Simplifies the configuration process by enabling users, groups and security permissions to be automatically imported.

Powerful Feature-Set

Wave Assure includes interaction recording and retrieval, comprehensive search criteria, full audit trail, audio tagging, group-based security, unlimited users and basic reporting.

Intuitive User Interface

Easy to learn and use, the web-based graphical user interface allows recordings to be rapidly located and replayed without requiring software to be installed on client PCs.

Smart Interactions Option

This comprehensive quality management tool is available in three versions and includes dynamic quality assessment forms, advanced reporting, scheduling, targeting, agent portals, self-assessments, e-coaching, dashboards and LMS integration.


Wave Assure seamlessly integrates with a wide range of systems including CRM, learning management, ERP and non-standard payment portals for PCI-DSS compliance.


What better gauge of call quality is there than asking the customers themselves for feedback? The ADDCOM Wave C-SAT add-on enables organisations to find out what customers really think of the service they receive. Customers are invited to leave feedback at the end of transactions by answering pre-defined questions using an automated IVR-based system. Surveys can also be conducted by SMS for customers calling in from their mobile telephones.

C-SAT highlights calls that receive particularly good or bad feedback for instant review by contact center managers. Customer responses are recorded and stored for further review and assessment to identify training requirements, inform sales and increase productivity. Real-time reports summaries the results in an easy to read format.

ADDCOM Wave’s Automated Speech Transcription quickly locates recordings using target words or phrases relating to the type of interactions required. Search results are ordered so that the closest matches are displayed first as text summaries. Recordings are automatically transcribed into text with different speakers colour coded making it quicker and easier to identify the important constituent parts of calls without having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant sections. The transcripts can be stored in CRM systems for future retrieval.

Automated Speech Transcription significantly reduces the time it takes to verify whether employees are saying the right or wrong things, and helps to identify training needs for compliance and quality management. It also makes it faster to find recordings relating to specific complaints and allows the pro-active identification of complaint calls to speed up the dispute resolution process.

Automated Speech Transcription provides an option to check other communications channels including email, SMS and instant messaging. Also available is an option to auto-complete quality or compliance assessment forms for formalised validation by review teams.

The system will also help organisations to comply with the stringent GDPR standards that became mandatory in May 2018.

ADDCOM Wave’s Screen Recording provides contact centers with a better understanding of agent performance, how they are handling calls to meet compliance regulations and potential training requirements.

Customers know if agents are fully focused on their calls or if they are being distracted. When interactions are replayed by contact center managers, agent screen activities are synchronized with call recordings to better analyse the customer experience and enhance the review process.

Customers now no longer rely on just the telephone to contact organisations. They now also use many other communication channels including SMS, social media and email. ADDCOM Wave omnichannel recording enables all channels to be captured and stored on a single platform.

Contact centre managers can easily locate and retrieve recordings of all transactions, regardless of channel, for quality assessment and training purposes.

To protect customers, organisations taking credit card information over the telephone are required to be fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ensures compliance with the requisite security standards deemed necessary by the major credit card brands.

ADDCOM Wave provides a state-of-the-art recording system which automates PCI DSS compliance. It helps to build higher levels of trust with existing and new customers through the assurance that their credit card information is safe.

Smart Interactions is an innovative contact centre quality management system that includes speech analytics and agent engagement tools to help managers deliver more effective training and meet key customer satisfaction metrics:

CAPTURE: a robust interaction recording and quality management system that integrates with all leading PBXs and contact centre systems. It is scalable to handle any number of sites and agents with an unlimited recording capacity.

ANALYSE: provides all the features of Capture with additional recording, reporting and quality management tools giving high levels of insight into the real-time working practices of contact centres and the needs of customers.

TRANSFORM: all the features of Capture and Analyse plus enhanced agent training and engagement functionality. It allows the implementation of e-coaching, agent portals, self-assessments and dashboards to engage contact centre staff.

ADDCOM Wave’s Event Reconstruction captures, consolidates, synchronizes and contextualizes isolated information from diverse multimedia sources and systems to recreate who did what, when and where during any given incident. It automatically assembles related information, including voice, video, SMS, email, social media, CAD screens, GIS and more, into a quick view timeline that provides high levels of insight into what actually happened.

This application helps to evaluate and improve response performance, identify knowledge gaps and check compliance with regulatory and corporate regulations. It can be used in a wide range of applications including public safety, dispute resolution, compliance checking, lone workers and security.