What are Speech Technologies?

ADDCOM Wave provides a range of advanced speech technologies that enable organisations to rapidly search and locate recordings – even in real-time – to extract useful insight and spot trends.

Our ground-breaking Automated Speech Transcription solution enables recordings to be searched for by any word or phrase and allows the results to be viewed in seconds ranked by relevance, eliminating the limitations of traditional phonetic-based systems.

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription is cost-effective to deploy and generates text transcripts that can be reviewed many times faster than traditional manual methods to speed up the compliance, dispute resolution and quality management processes. It will also help organisations to comply with the stringent European GDPR standards that become mandatory in May 2018.

ADDCOM Wave also enables any data that can be stored as text to be analysed including email, SMS and instant messaging.

How Does it Work?

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription solution allows any number of words or phrases to be used to locate recordings relating to the type of interactions required and eliminates the need for traditional time consuming and costly manual search and review processes.

The system allows ‘semantic’ searches so if ‘bike’ was the chosen criteria, it would also find matches for bicycle, cycle and their plural forms. This provides greater granularity and more detailed contextual insights into interactions across multiple channels without the limitations of previous generation systems that held back the uptake of this technology.

Search results are ordered so that the closest matches are displayed first as text summaries.

Recordings are automatically transcribed into text with different speakers colour coded making it quicker and easier to identify the important constituent parts of calls without having to manually listen to entire recordings or search for the relevant sections.  Users can click on particular words or phrases in a transcript to start playback at that point or listen to the whole recording. Clicking on any particular recording instantly locates other similar recordings

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription fully integrates into the Wave Assure and Smart Interactions platforms or can be specified as a stand-alone application for use with any of the market’s other leading interaction recording brands. It can transcribe all interactions in real-time or retrospectively according to call volumes and available bandwidth.


ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription has been successfully tested against similar technologies and delivers class-leading levels of accuracy making it a viable solution to enhance the customer experience whilst achieving a rapid ROI.

The ADDCOM Wave solution also makes 100% quality monitoring realistically achievable by enabling organisations to focus on agents of all abilities rather than just taking an average view.  It provides the fullest picture of contact centre performance and revolutionises the way that contact centres can acquire and use speech technologies to improve customer satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Compliance Monitoring

Compliance monitoring to ensure adherence with regulatory or organisational requirements has traditionally been a time intensive and costly process with any individual recording taking as long to review as the original interaction took to be handled.

Wave Voice speech technologies revolutionise compliance monitoring by eliminating the need for these manual search processes. It delivers significant time savings whilst helping to identify training needs.

Automated Speech Transcription speeds up the checking process by quickly locating recordings with compliance-related words and phrases and generating text transcripts.

Transcripts can be forwarded to designated managers to validate them at a glance and verify whether employees are following assigned scripts and saying the right or wrong things as well as spotting when key parts of scripts are missed out altogether. The system can process and search hundreds of recordings simultaneously and enable reviewers to instantly navigate to the relevant sections within interactions without having to manually listen to entire recordings.

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription provides organisations with the option to monitor other communications channels including email, SMS and instant messaging. Also available is an option to auto-complete assessment forms for formalised validation by compliance review teams.

Dispute Resolution

Automated speech transcription significantly speeds up the dispute resolution process by enabling recordings with words and phrases relating to specific complaints to be quickly located and generates text transcripts to quickly verify who said what during interactions. This eliminates the time-consuming manual searching of recordings. Used in conjunction with ADDCOM Wave’s event reconstruction solution, all interactions relating to a complaint can be displayed on a timeline to enhance the resolution process.

ADDCOM Wave automated speech transcription also enables the pro-active identification of complaint calls to determine the level of customer satisfaction with the level of service being provided and take any necessary steps to address the situation. It also provides organisations with an option to track disputes cross other communications channels including email, SMS and instant messaging.

Quality Management

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription enhances the quality monitoring process as it allows contact centre supervisors to focus their time more productively on where the most impact can be achieved.

It allows supervisors to quickly access interactions for any agent and generates text transcripts that can be reviewed faster than having to manually search recordings for the salient points.

The ADDCOM Wave solution provides an option to add further insight by assessing agent performance over other communications channels including email, SMS and instant messaging. A further option allows quality assessment forms to be auto-completed for scoring by contact centre supervisors delivering further time savings.

Public Safety

ADDCOM Wave Automated Speech Transcription enables public safety organisations to rapidly search audio and video recordings relating to specific incidents with the closest matches displayed first as text summaries. Text transcripts are automatically generated making it quicker to locate the relevant section of each interaction without having to listen to multiple recordings for greater incident awareness.