Protecting Your Data

Keeping an old recording system just to store historical recordings can be risky if it is becoming unreliable or is out of support. It can also be costly to continue paying maintenance charges for an old system when a new one is implemented. A major challenge for users is to export old recordings and upload them to a new platform.

ADDCOM Wave makes it easy and cost effective to successfully complete this process without the loss of any historical recordings.

Import Process


Audit of the old system


A fixed price is provided


Export/Import scripts created


Recordings are imported


Recordings are verified


Old system is decommissioned


ADDCOM Wave has a track record of successfully completing data imports from many of the world’s leading recording systems. As most of them store recordings in a similar way, the importing process is usually a straightforward task and takes between 1 day and 1 month.

Yes, this is often possible. We can provide this as an option.

Imports usually take anything from 1 day to 1 month. The amount of time depends on the total number of recordings and whether we have to transcode audio files into a different audio format. ADDCOM Wave supports most standard and many proprietary audio formats, so transcoding often isn’t necessary.

We can often import all call information. Where this isn’t possible, we will tell you before beginning any chargeable work.

Whilst we don’t have any control over clauses that may be in the contract with your old supplier, we are very careful not to do anything to impact your old system. If we think there is any risk then we will highlight this to you in advance.

Despite many systems supporting encryption, we often find this isn’t enabled or is weak. In these cases, we can import encrypted calls. If encryption is enabled and well implemented, then we may need to access the decryption keys.