Maximise the Benefits From Using ADDCOM Wave

ADDCOM Wave offers a range of training programs and options that enable organisations to maximize the benefits from using our recording and quality management solutions.

The training programs are delivered to meet your specific organisational needs and objectives. They are designed to meet best practices and the requirements of individual users.

Directly Applicable

ADDCOM Wave training programs focus on the specific areas that will be used the most, with tailored material to give users the confidence to be fully operational from day one.

User Focused

ADDCOM Wave evaluates individual user needs and abilities to ensure that information is retained and applied correctly throughout the training process.

Comprehensive Portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio of training programs is available to ensure that all organisational objectives are achieved.

Training Options Include

On-Site Training

If a number of people need training, the programmes can be delivered at customer sites.

All training materials, including laptops for attendees to use, are provided.

Web-Based Training

Web-based training sessions can be scheduled and delivered on demand by an instructor.

This provides many of the benefits of traditional face-to-face training without the cost of staff travelling to an external location.

Scheduled Training

Scheduled training programmes can be attended at a ADDCOM Wave office.

This is often the most cost effective way to train a small number of users.

Training Courses

Wave Recording

Basic Operations
Learn the basics of the application including how to search for and retrieve recordings.

System Configuration
Teaches all aspects of system administration to help you manage and operate the ADDCOM Wave system with ease.

Smart Integrations

Performing Assessments
Get the most out of the quality assurance features of Smart Interactions by learning how to perform quality assessments

Designing Assessment Forms
Learn how to create quality assessment forms which can be used for quality assurance and compliance testing using the form editor.

Agent Engagement
Learn how to apply the features of the Transform version. Areas covered include Assessment Reviews, Calibrations, E-Coaching, Agent Portals, Dashboards, Work Scheduling, Targeting, and more.


Speech Analytics
Speech Analytics is a powerful way to reduce time spent on compliance testing. This course will help you get the most out of all Speech Analytics has to offer.


Introduction to ADDCOM Wave Integration
Learn basic integration with the ADDCOM Wave system to add features and create unity between your applications.

Advanced ADDCOM Wave Integration
For more advanced users, learn how to integrate a vast variety of applications to enhance your system.