Fighting crime. It’s what we do.

Detect, prevent, and investigate money laundering, fraud, and compliance violations with a holistic view of risk across your organization. ​

Finally a technology enabling rapid investigation and data submission to the regulators

  1. Up to 40x times faster searching for investigation based call data
  2. Surveillance of identified channels or topics and phrases of interest
  3. Automation of data discovery
  4. Real time alerting to compliance teams
  5. Faster, accurate, efficient collection for submission to regulators

Financial Markets - Key benefits

  1. Compliance and governance
  2. Dispute resolution
  3. Investigation – 40x faster discovery
  4. Customer profiling
  5. Insights into what customers are asking for
  6. Quality Assurance
  7. Training
  8. Workflow optimisation
  9. Customer retention and acquisition

​Trade Surveillance

The challenge:

  1. Suspicious activity uncovered weeks or month later
  2. Fines, reputational damage
  3. C level implications

Our Solution:

  1. Real-time intercept of suspicious calls
  2. Notifications via our interface or via email to Compliance managers
  3. Investigate, take action and notify