What is C-SAT IVR?

Organisations wanting to increase profits and maintain a competitive advantage must ensure that they achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Unhappy customers are unlikely to recommend organisations to other people and, even worse, they are likely to move their business elsewhere to negatively impact the bottom line.

The ability to demonstrate that customers are happy is also beneficial as feedback can be used as a key performance indicator, something that is particularly important for the non-profit sector.

It important to track customer satisfaction, but quantifying the level of satisfaction presents major challenges. ADDCOM Wave’s C-SAT IVR provides a cost effective solution and generates usable data to help determine what customers really think of the service they receive.

While most IVR-based customer satisfaction solutions are separate systems, ADDCOM Wave’s C-SAT IVR is fully integrated with the recording platform. This enables survey results to be associated with individual recordings, making it easy to identify calls for assessment and training.

How C-SAT IVR Works?

ADDCOM Wave’s C-SAT IVR enables callers to complete a telephone survey at the end of interactions with agents.

These surveys usually comprise three to five questions and utilise a combination of touch-tone and speech recognition to capture customer responses.

Results from ADDCOM Wave C-SAT IVR are directly imported into the recording platform where they are automatically summarised in simple, real-time reports that provide useful insights to front-line managers. Calls that customers were or were not satisfied with can be quickly identified for assessment to help determine agent training requirements.

Features of C-SAT IVR

Real-Time Feedback

Scores and feedback obtained from customer surveys are made available in real-time enabling any problems to be immediately dealt with.

Easy Integration

The ADDCOM Wave C-SAT IVR integrates seamlessly with call recording, allowing customer satisfaction results to be used as a criteria for selecting which calls to assess.


Satisfaction results can be reported back to agents and team leaders, allowing agent performance to be analysed.

Verbatim Comment Options

The system can be set up to allow customers to leave personalised feedback and comments.

Call Tagging

Calls can be tagged in real-time with an outcome or a status update.


Real-Time Alerts

The ADDCOM Wave IVR can trigger real-time alerts when low satisfaction ratings are detected using predetermined thresholds. This enables complaint calls to be escalated and directed to relevant teams, ensuring that the best equipped agents quickly resolve the issues and improve the overall customer experience.


Dynamic Surveys

In the event that a very strong positive or negative response is given to a question, customers can be automatically directed to a follow-up question requesting further information. This allows surveys to automatically adapt in response to customer feedback.

Quality Monitoring

Using C-SAT IVR as a criteria to select calls delivers more effective quality management. Customer surveys can be associated with individual agents and linked to quality management reports to efficiently measure staff performance. It can also help contact centres managers identify skill shortages and where they need to focus training.


Key Performance Indicator

Contact centre managers and supervisors can use survey results as a Key Performance Indicator to demonstrate they are achieving acceptable levels of customer satisfaction.