What is Omnichannel?


Customers now no longer rely on just the telephone to contact organisations. They now also use many other communication channels including SMS, social media and email.

Call centres have developed into contact centres that enable customers to use the channel of their choice. This new environment is often referred to as omnichannel.

Omnichannel Recording

Recent studies show that up to 80% of contact centres now use email channels, 53% web, 38% chat, and 27% social media. The 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report forecasts a staggering 87% increase in the use of these non-voice methods of interaction, meaning the amount of communication traffic on these channels will exponentially increase.

However, the 2014 ICMI report showed that only 48% of contact centres monitor the email channel for quality. For social media channels, 8% monitored for quality, whilst 2-3% monitored smartphone apps and SMS.

This increase in communication using non-voice channels means that not only can vast amounts of information be lost if companies are unable to capture and analyse that information, but also a large number of interactions are unable to be monitored for quality.

ADDCOM Wave Omnichannel recording captures all communication channels and stores it centrally for easy access. The data can then be used for quality assurance and analytics.


Percent of contact centres currently quality monitoring the email channel.


Percent of contact centres currently monitoring the web channel.

Intuitive and Responsive Interface

Easy to use graphical interface allows recordings to be rapidly located and replayed.


Customers no longer use just a single channel of communication to interact with organisations. ADDCOM Wave Omnichannel solutions present recordings of all interactions associated with a customer in one place for easy review.


It is simple to retrieve and replay stored recordings for review, quality assessments and training purposes. This ensures that every interaction can be assessed by providing a comprehensive view of agent performance.


Email interactions can be seamlessly imported and incorporated into the system for easy reference and quality assessments.

Web Chat

Web chat-based customer interactions can be recorded and imported into the ADDCOM Wave system.

Social Media

ADDCOM Wave can integrate with social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ enabling data to be downloaded and stored.

Knowledge Base

Information about customer queries handled by agents using an online knowledge base or wiki can be imported directly into the ADDCOM Wave system.

SMS & Apps

Incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as interactions using smartphone applications, can be imported easily into the ADDCOM Wave system.