Achieving Harmony


It is estimated that there are around 18.2 million software developers in the world today. With so much software available and in use, precious time and resources are often wasted with cross-referencing information between multiple systems.

Effective integration solves this problem and quickly pays for itself by saving both time and money.

Integration enriches call data and enables users to retrieve recordings quickly and easily by cross-referencing calls with information in other systems and databases.

ADDCOM Wave products are designed to support integration with a wide range of other systems to eliminate this costly and frustrating problem.

Type of Integration

Integration can be used to enhance and extend ADDCOM Wave applications in a variety of ways, including:

Integrating with Learning Management Systems (LMS). Courses can be distributed within ADDCOM Wave or ADDCOM Wave training tasks can be incorporated into courses on the LMS.
Support for other applications such as gamification, customer portals, web services, custom recording types and more.
Incorporating information from CRM systems and other applications. For example, users can search for recordings using customer information.
Extending real-time analytics by integrating with tools such as speech transcription, speech analytics and emotion analysis.
Including links to recordings from CRM systems.
Extending multi-channel recording (e.g. capturing social media, web chat, IM, etc.).
Integrating with non-standard payment portals for PCI DSS compliance.
Tagging recordings to speed up the search and retrieval process.

Available Open APIs

WFC Web Services

Allows access to most functional areas including recording, users, folders, assessments, and analytics. Can be configured to run on HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, or named pipes.

Recording Service Event Processor

For developing recording service plug-ins that can process audio telephone recordings in real-time. Possible applications include real-time speech analytics, speech recognition and emotion detection.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Additional reports and dashboards can be added using either ADDCOM Wave’s specifically designed reporting format or Microsoft’s RDLC.

Database Access

Read only access to the database and a data dictionary is available for organisations who want to use their own reporting tools.

PCI DSS Web Services

Can be called to redact sensitive information from recordings in real-time.

Web-Interface Plug-ins

The functionality of the web interface can be extended via a plug-in.