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Flexible, cost effective and fully maintained hardware at your fingertips.
No up front costs
Flexible and easier to budget than traditional purchase models.
Access to the latest technology
No long-term fixed contracts so you can have access to the latest equipment when you need it. 
Fully maintained

We maintain the devices leaving your resources free to focus on more important things. 

Managed service to manage fleets
Take the headaches out of managing your fleet by outsourcing to a managed service.

HaaS with the Addcom Amortiser

Addcom offers a unique Hardware as a Service (HaaS) program catering to businesses large and small in industries ranging from automotive, contact centre and finance to emergency services, government and corporate. Our program gives you and your business access to the latest hardware and technology with no upfront expenditure and full maintenance. This is all made possible due to Addcom's unique status as both an Australian distributor and manufacturer, plus our local and experienced service team is always ready to assist with any of your queries.


Headset, handset or conference phone?

Regardless of whether your users want headset, handsets or conference phones, Addcom and our partners have the right solution for you. 
Contact Centre - Intro

The latest infrastructure without the headaches

Whether Addcom is providing a managed service for your network or if you simply need more switches, routers or other infrastructure, we can supply it directly or managed as a service.
Conference and Teams Rooms

Make sure your business communicates well

Work from home, hybrid or in the office. Make sure that your team always looks and sounds the part with the latest meeting room solutions.

Yealink teams meeting room
Personal Devices

How many screens?

The shift to cloud IT services and growth of work from anywhere means that users are accessing your network from more and more devices. Make sure that you have the costs under control and the headaches removed by utilising Addcom's Hardware as a Service programme. 

Start building the right infrastructure for your business now.

And let us help you make your business more effective